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Billing audits can be conducted no matter your carrier and encompass fixed line, mobile and data services. To help you discover ways to save, UTA assesses:

  • If your carrier is charging you agreed rates.
  • Potential cost reductions through rates, charges and line rental.
  • Billing discrepancies and possible credits.
  • Call patterns and how these impact costs.
  • Current technologies and how these impact cost and operational efficiencies.
  • Ways to improve accountability and your relationship with your carrier.

The UTA billing audit targets areas not normally covered when dealing direct with your carrier – and the results provide a valuable tool for negotiations.

Billing audits are usually completed within five working days and requirements can be tailored to you.

To get started, simply provide a recent month’s copy of your complete bill including call itemisation, and a copy of your current contract and agreed rates.

Clients paying less for telecommunication.

At no cost to you, UTA audits your bills to identify potential opportunities for your business to save.

Contact UTA to audit your bills, then analyse the results to help you reduce them.

Our billing analysis software is recognised by industry for its effectiveness and accuracy.

Rely on UTA as a trusted consultant, advising you and helping you manage all areas of your business’ telecommunication needs.

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