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Think independence and great account management is unheard of in the telecommunications industry?  Contact UTA today and discover why almost 100 per cent of clients retain our services.

Our four key services are proven to deliver what we promise and to reduce your telecommunications costs and improve your set up, without compromising on quality:

At no cost to you, UTA audits your bills to identify potential opportunities for your business to save.

Contact UTA to audit your bills, then analyse the results to help you reduce them.

Our billing analysis software is recognised by industry for its effectiveness and accuracy.

Rely on UTA as a trusted consultant, advising you and helping you manage all areas of your business’ telecommunication needs.

Experience UTA’s proactive account management that supports you over time and ensures your saving are ongoing.

It’s why we’re retained by more than 98 per cent of clients.

Market research indicates that Australian business, in over 70% of cases, is disatisfied with their current telecommunication Account Managment and horified to find the real potential to reduce costs and improve Account Managment following the audit conducted by UTA. 

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Throughout this process, we also support you with FREE customer service initiatives to make your job easier - and your bank balance healthier:

  • Acting as your communications department, overseeing your relationship with your chosen carrier and handling day-to-day product requirements, product orders, solutions advice and administration.
  • Ensuring billing accuracy and continued savings through ongoing bill analysis analysis and audit, whether you are in contract with the carrier or not.
  • Always acting independently without bias for a single carrier or supplier.

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