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As specialists in telecommunication auditing, United Technologies Australia invites you to use our expertise to:

  1. Add very real value to your customers and the service that you offer;
  2. Increase your industry contacts;
  3. Be your own boss.

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Your personal advisor in telecommunications
UTA currently advises numerous member-based groups, to add further value to their members and industry contacts.

A consultant to your business
UTA works with a range of businesses to help them offer real reductions to their clients and customers, including accountants, cost reduction specialists, property developers and managers, phone system providers and IT-based businesses. Read testimonials.

A platform to be your own boss
Interested in becoming a business advisor specialising in telecommunications? UTA provides your training and support; you provide self-motivation, a sound network of business contacts, a professional attitude and presentation and Australian registered ABN.

Your hours and earning are up to you. An advisor who commenced with UTA in 2006 works 25 hours per week, earning $150k. Contact us today.