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Craig Kortum, Managing Director Materials Cost Management

“United Technologies Australia has supported our business, which delivers cost reductions to companies across Australia, as a communications specialist with outstanding results. The savings to our clients has consistently been in the range of 33 to 45 per cent.
The services that UTA provides to support the initial savings for ongoing improvements, ensures that businesses maintain the best the market can offer in both service and price.”

Guy Iacona, Financial Controller Philip Webb Real Estate

“Philip Webb Real Estate has retained the services of United Technologies Australia as its independent telecommunications advisor since 2006. The ongoing service provided has been extremely professional resulting in savings in excess of 25 per cent for our telecommunications expenditure.
“UTA has prepared comparative analysis, service rationalisation plans, made product recommendations and removed the need for Philip Webb to spend valuable company time continually reviewing telecommunication expenditure. We would not hesitate in recommending that any organisation avail themselves of the specialised services provided by United Technologies Australia.”

Garry Ewert, Manager Norman Carriers (specialists in transport and logistics solutions for business).

“I receive a great number of calls regarding our phone charges and plans with offers of free phone systems or other equipment. When approached by United Technologies Australia, the offer was for a genuine review of our bill and a report with the comment that UTA most likely would be able to reduce our bill. This was carried out in a timely manner and reported that our bill could be reduced by more than 30 per cent. Through the recommendations of UTA our first bill was reduced by 40 per cent and our second by 35 per cent on previous accounts. Ongoing results are greater than 30 per cent.
“Also we now have an active account manager and UTA monitors our account – with other proposed refinements our bill may be reduced further. I would be more than pleased to discuss my favourable dealings with United Technologies Australia.”

James Bingham, IT Manager Hawthorn Football Club

“UTA initially contacted the Hawthorn Football Club in early 2007 and conducted a review of our telecommunications including fixed line and mobile services. Due to the Club’s arrangement with the AFL, UTA found that the fixed line billing was cost effective.
“The mobile results were significant and projected savings were in the range of 35 per cent. However due to many of the mobiles being still in contract UTA recommended the Hawthorn FC remain with the incumbent mobile carrier and savings were in the range of 20 per cent. Several of the contracted mobiles were also re-rated to an improved plan.
“UTA has since managed our mobile requirements including mobile data needs and has become our ‘one-stop-shop’ for all mobile (voice and data) enquires. I recommend that any business wishing to review its telecommunications directly with the carrier place this responsibility with UTA. UTA can advise on all carrier billing and rates plans and specialise in carrier negotiations.”