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Q. What types of telecommunications does UTA audit?
A. Fixed line telephones, mobile phones, data and broadband, phone systems and hardware and other communications technology to improve your business.

Q. How much does UTA’s billing audit cost?
A. There is no cost to have an initial audit conducted. Book yours today.

Q. How does UTA get paid?
A. In most cases the carrier compensates UTA. Unlike many advisors we do not charge 50 per cent of the savings we achieve for you, whatever the outcome.

Q. What does UTA need to conduct a billing audit?
A. A recent month’s copy of a complete carrier bill including call itemisation and a copy of the current contract and agreed rates.

Q. How do I know the savings will be accurate?
A. UTA will audit your account again after the carrier has applied the new rates. UTA underestimates savings projections to allow for minor variances in call patterns that impact on results from one month to the next. Read client experiences.

Q. If I use UTA, do I still deal directly with the carrier?
A. Yes, you can still have a direct relationship with your carrier of choice and be billed directly by the carrier as you have in the past. UTA acts as an extension to this relationship by providing you with elevated support as required, as well as pro-active account management to ensure your savings are ongoing.

Q. Do I have to change carrier?
A. No, UTA can achieve great savings with your existing carrier. However you may decide to switch carriers if the audit reveals cost savings to be even more significant elsewhere. If you do decide to change, UTA will support your transition.

Q. What are the impacts of changing carrier?
A. Your transition will be professionally managed by UTA in conjunction with the new carrier. If you are changing carriers, it will be because you will pay less for your telecommunications. Switching carriers does not mean you need new phone numbers.

Q. When I commit to a carrier am I committing to the rates?
A. When your business deals directly with a carrier this is usually the case. However UTA often negotiates further discounted rates for clients during a carrier contract period. There are several ‘trigger points’ that UTA can monitor to achieve this for you.

Q. How do I handle pesky phone calls from telecommunication companies trying to sell me something?
A. If you are interested in what is on offer, request written details and have the caller send this to UTA on your behalf. We will audit the offer and discuss the impact to your business with you.