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Support your business requirements by tapping into UTA’s extensive support services and industry contacts - developed over more than a decade.

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Billing audits, carrier negotiations and consultancy – engage UTA to advise, negotiate or manage your entire telecommunication tender process.

Phone systems – we help you find the best system across a broad range of suppliers and show you how to offset the cost.

Video conferencing - reduce travel costs, improve time management and greatly increase productivity.

Project management – UTA can advise on the best way to manage your project for maximum results.

High-speed wireless Internet – no more waiting three weeks for an Internet connection. Contact us today if standard fixed line Internet services are not sufficient in your area.

Sales productivity solutions – increase sales to your business and support your sales team, through mobile data and payment solutions and stock ordering and management.

Cost reduction related to other business commodities – reduce costs in areas not related to telecommunication.

Mobile solutions – with hundreds of mobile solutions in the market, contact UTA to find the best solution for your business, tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Line rental audit – ensure you only pay for required lines.

Carrier rate charge audit – ensure you are paying the rates you signed for under your telecommunication contract. You could be eligible for a credit.