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If you run a business in Australia, there is an 80 per cent chance you are paying more than you need to for telecommunications. Results can often be achieved while you are in contract. Why not have your billing, charges and services audited!

Save money, save time and improve the service and accountability of your carrier today - request a FREE audit from United Technologies Australia, one of Australia's leading telecommunication analysts and advisors. At UTA we:

  • Work independently of all carriers;
  • Undertake a FREE audit and analysis of your activities;
  • Save you time and money by finding the right solution to improve your services, processes and costs (with your current provider or an alternative);
  • Give you back the freedom to focus on your business;
  • Manage the ongoing supply of products and solutions for your business.

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Our process has four key steps to put your business on the right telecommunications path, saving you money now and into the future. If you are serious about reducing costs and improving the way you business manages telecommunications, Discover more.

At no cost to you, UTA audits your bills to identify potential opportunities for your business to save.

Contact UTA to audit your bills, then analyse the results to help you reduce them.

Our billing analysis software is recognised by industry for its effectiveness and accuracy.

Rely on UTA as a trusted consultant, advising you and helping you manage all areas of your business’ telecommunication needs.

Experience UTA’s proactive account management that supports you over time and ensures your saving are ongoing.

It’s why we’re retained by more than 98 per cent of clients.